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Newfoundland Hunting References

Grey Lake East Outfitters is happy to provide you with a list of references from satisfied customers. If you want, you can contact them and they will let you know the quality and enjoyment they had while hunting with Grey Lake Outfitters.

2013 References (new)

Michael Sawyer
Port Allegany, PA
(814) 642-5060
(814) 558-8187 (cell)

Josh Kinney
Ash Grove, MD.

Joel LaPierre
Gouverneur, NY.
(315) 486-2909

2012 References

Christine Block
Winkler, Manitoba
Phone: (204) 822-3189

Shawn Pobiner
Hampton Bags, New York
Phone: (516) 662-6201

Charles Raymo
Monroe, Michigan
Phone: (734) 289-1985
Alt #: (734) - 777-1519

Harold Thompson
Bethel, Ohio
Phone: (513) 734-6729


Scott Giraud
Norwalk, Wisconsin
Phone: (608) 269-5903

Steven White

Phone: (845) 355-1609

Tom Nygard
Phone: (682) 286-0904

Gary Fountain
Phone (413) 283-4644
Cell: (413) 537-9144

Vincent Hart
Phone: (845) 246-2483

Tony Morabito
Phone: (585) 429-7759 or
Phone: (585) 315-1340

Mike Almeter
Phone: (585) 457-8143

Tim Gunnell
Phone: (570) 686-4111

Our Owners Know Guiding...

Grey Lake East Outfitters is operated by Gordon Wheeler and Austin Childs both of York Harbour, Newfoundland. With over forty years of combined guiding experience in this area, Gordon and Austin are experienced, professional operators and guides. Gordon has guided at this location for twenty years and has gained a superior knowledge of the terrain and the area. Austin has also guided for twenty-five years and has obtained considerable experience in this field.

For More Information:

Feel free to give us a call at Tel: 1-709-543-2274, Cell: 1-709-427-1200 email us at, or you can write to us at:

Efford's Hunting Adventures
P.O. Box 99
Port Blandford, NL
A0C 2G0

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