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Moose Hunting

Moose Hunting Newfoundland

Moose hunters really appreciate Newfoundland's dynamic moose population. Our moose hunting area near Grey Lake East boast some of the highest quality moose on the island - our remoteness guarantees a stress-free population of moose in the area.

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Newfoundland Moose Hunts

Moose is Newfoundland's most popular big game animal and can weigh up to 1,200 lbs. Rifle, bow, and blackpowder hunting is accomodated at our lodge with our quality 1-on-1 guiding staff. Our most common moose hunting method is "Spot, Stalk, and Calling".

Note: Big game hunting for bow hunters starts 2 weeks earlier than standard rifle hunting in the province of Newfoundland.

Our Owners Know Guiding...

Grey Lake East Outfitters is operated by Gordon Wheeler and Austin Childs, both of York Harbour, Newfoundland. With over forty years of combined guiding experience in this area, Gordon and Austin are experienced, professional operators and guides. Gordon has guided at this location for twenty years and has gained a superior knowledge of the terrain and the area. Austin has also guided for twenty-five years and has obtained considerable experience in this field. Click here to read recommendations from our hunters.

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Moose, Caribou and Black Bear Hunting Newfoundland
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